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Get Scorekeep on Android!

ScoreKeep is a score and time keeping app with a difference. ScoreKeep does sports simply, accurately and socially. Download it now on android to see for yourself!

Different Sport, Different Mode

Nobody wants to keep multiple bloated apps on their phone for each sport they follow. ScoreKeep currently supports 7 sports: Soccer, Hurling, Gaelic Football, BasketBall, American Football, Rugby and Snooker. Even so, ScoreKeep is tiny weighing in at just over 2MB. We're also adding sports all the time, so let us know if you want your favourite added!

Powerful Custom Sports FREE

ScoreKeep has a powerful and free custom mode, which allows you to set up almost everything you need to keep track of your favourite sport. That includes Number of Sections, Time Per Section, Team Names and Scores. You can share your scores too. All for free with NO ADS

Share Scores and Times

Sending out scores and times can be a serious pain in the thumbs, by the time you've tweeted that score out, it may have already changed, and you've missed it! Never again, with scoreKeep's powerful share button, which shares the score and time at the tap of a button to any social app on your phone which supports text sharing!

Developers Who Care

FullMeter is a dev team who makes apps in our spare time. We're adding new features and fixes all the time, and we take feedback and constructive criticism into huge consideration. If you stumble across an issue (we hope you never will) or have a great idea for a new feature (we hope you do!), you can email us at fullmeterapps@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!